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In accordance with TEA Public Health Guidance, meeting attendees must wear a face covering and maintain a distance of at least six feet from individuals outside of their family unit.

At Quest Collegiate Academy – Whitewright, our educational vision recognizes the value of each child as a person and each parent as their primary educator.

While teaching virtuous conduct and offering a generous curriculum, we prioritize the value of respecting and building the child’s dignity as an individual while offering them an atmosphere which reflects truth, goodness, and beauty. Children have a natural appetite for knowledge, and we seek to offer sustenance for the child’s mind by creating a rich intellectual environment for students to develop connections between all subjects.

Our priority is to cultivate a lifelong love of learning and virtuous character, within the nurturing context of a 21st Century classical education. As a charter school, our mission is to provide hope through a high quality and accessible educational option to parents and students. As you choose Quest Collegiate Academy – Whitewright, we look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child.

The Right Blend of the Right Things
Makes Learners into Leaders
Formation of Character

We believe knowledge alone does not make a good citizen. The shaping of a student’s heart is more important than the shaping of their mind.

Strong Curriculum

Our digital curriculum is designed specifically for our schools so that students will be able to meet the expectations we set for them.

Learning Environment

Our personalized learning environment ensures each child learns in the style that is best for them.

Caring Teachers

Our teachers are open to new ideas and flexible to the changing needs of our students.