A Tuition-Free, High Quality Education in Whitewright

Quest Collegiate Academy - Whitewright is a tuition-free public charter school with personalized instruction. At Quest Collegiate Academy - Whitewright , students are able to master their coursework and learn to become upstanding citizens as they prepare for college. Our personalized approach, blended learning curriculum, and dedicated staff make Quest Collegiate Academy - Whitewright the best, no-cost public school for the Whitewright area.

A Tuition-Free, High Quality Education in Whitewright

Formation of Character

We believe knowledge alone does not make a good citizen. The shaping of a student’s heart is more important than the shaping of their mind.

A Tuition-Free, High Quality Education in Whitewright

Strong Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed specifically for our schools so that students will be able to meet the expectations we set for them.

A Tuition-Free, High Quality Education in Whitewright

Caring Teachers

Our teachers are open to new ideas and flexible to the changing needs of our students.

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Improving Upon the Past, Preparing for the Future

At Quest Collegiate Academy - Whitewright , we take proven, time-tested information and merge them with modern methods of instruction and emerging technologies allowing students to gain knowledge in the format that best suits their strengths. We believe all students are unique and deserve to have their learning styles considered in their academic journey. This allows students to take more ownership of their learning and gives them the advantage of experiencing true success in education.

Our Goal

Quest Collegiate Academy started in 2009 with the belief that the purpose of education is three-fold: to help children develop into responsible citizens, to help them learn to be virtuous people, and to promote a free society. Together, these three priorities lead to flourishing humans. We use a combination of the Core Knowledge framework and high-quality curriculum to pursue this goal. A view of education not often emphasized in the contemporary educational environment is that schools have an abiding responsibility to foster a sense of personal and civic virtue. The idea is that we must promote qualities that help us make sound decisions, put others first, and create value as we fulfill our potential. This, more than anything, helps students develop into productive adults. Quest Collegiate Academy takes this responsibility seriously and invests a significant amount of energy in developing a sense of virtue in our students.


Since we offer a self-directed program, many of our dedicated students graduate in 3 years or less. Enter the number of high school credits you have earned so far to see how quickly you could graduate.

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I like that I have adjusted to the system that there is at this school. So, I know what I can do here, and I don’t want to be limited by what we have in a normal public school.”

Noe, Premier High School Graduate


Grades K-2 utilize a traditional academic program to develop competent learners that can master reading, math, social skills and making connections across the curriculum. For grades 3-12, academic progression is mastery-based, not the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Students set daily academic learning goals using data based on knowledge and skills. Throughout the day, students work independently to complete their daily goals. During this time teachers provide support when needed and monitor students throughout the learning center.

Our learning program gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their to create personal accountability and a sense of accomplishment.

“My kids love this school! 2nd year here and I love the structure and smaller classrooms. The teachers are very open to change and the communication & feedback.”



“We’ve been at this school since the doors have opened and my kiddos absolutely love it!” 



Quest Collegiate Academy - Whitewright

Serving Grades PreK4–6