Quest Collegiate Academy is a part of the ResponsiveEd family of schools.

Quest Collegiate Academy started in 2009 with the belief that the purpose of education is three-fold: to help children develop into responsible citizens, to help them learn to be virtuous people, and to promote a free society. Together, these three priorities lead to flourishing humans.

3 Campuses

Today Quest Collegiate Academy has

3 Campuses

across Texas. We use a combination of the Core Knowledge framework and a high-quality curriculum to pursue this goal. A view of education not often emphasized in the contemporary educational environment is that schools have an abiding responsibility to foster a sense of personal and civic virtue. The idea is that we must promote qualities that help us make sound decisions, put others first, and create value as we fulfill our potential. This, more than anything, helps students develop into productive adults. Quest Collegiate Academy takes this responsibility seriously and invests a significant amount of energy in developing a sense of virtue in our students.


Our Mission is to provide hope for students through a college preparatory, mastery-based, blended-learning educational option that promotes a free society and cultivates moral and academic excellence.
Our goal is to create responsible, goal-orientated students who are focused on academic success.