Tuition-Free, Fully-Accredited Public School

Our Mission

is to provide hope for students through a college preparatory, mastery-based, blended-learning educational option that promotes a free society and cultivates moral and academic excellence.

Our goal is to create responsible, goal-oriented students who are focused on academic success.

The Right Blend of the Right Things Makes Learners into Leaders.

Formation of Character

We believe knowledge alone does not make a good citizen. The shaping of a student’s heart is more important than the shaping of their mind.

Strong Curriculum

Our digital curriculum is designed specifically for our schools so that students will be able to meet the expectations we set for them.

Caring Teachers

Our teachers are open to new ideas and flexible to the changing needs of our students.

Learning Environment

Our personalized learning environment ensures each child learns in the style that is best for them.

What Sets Us Apart

Quest Collegiate Academy is a tuition-free public charter school with personalized instruction. At Quest Collegiate Academy, students are able to master their coursework and learn to become upstanding citizens as they prepare for college. Our personalized approach, blended learning curriculum, and dedicated staff make Quest Collegiate Academy the best, no-cost public school option for families looking for a more personalized education.

A Legacy of Success

Quest Collegiate Academy is a proud member of the ResponsiveEd family of schools. ResponsiveEd provides hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence. Click here to learn more about ResponsiveEd.


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